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Talent Concept

At present, the company has nearly 800 employees, including more than 200 professionals.
  • Selection philosophy

    1.Selection philosophy

    People who have the courage to pioneer and innovate and are committed to continuous improvement of the work process. People who have the spirit of craftsmanship to strive for perfection and are committed to continuously improving the quality of work.

  • Talent development

    2.Talent development

    We regard employees as important partners of the company, and uphold the concept of "more valuable for our partners", and provide employees with multi-faceted and multi-level professional training to comprehensively improve their comprehensive quality and business capabilities, and realize their value and The joint promotion of company value.

  • Talent incentive

    3.Talent incentive

    We insist on a competitive salary position in the industry, provide opportunities for those who want to work, provide positions for those who can do things, and provide a platform for those who can do things, so that talents with good conduct, dedication, diligence, and efficient work are in the organization. Able to stand out.

Working Environment

Recruitment Position

  • Position number Education Place Release Time
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